Monday, 11 August 2014

Yet another Kickstarter delivery, but finally some painting progress

So, it has been a really busy weekend. Saturday, the wife and I had an expedition to both the Royal Mail sorting office and the local FedEx depot to pick up an assortment of parcels. This also resulted in a trip up the Beckton Alps, because it's kind of awesome that one of your local landmarks is a giant post-industrial toxic spoil heap.

One of the parcels was the Through the Breach Kickstarter reward. This was my first Kickstarter, and it was meant to deliver in September 2013. It got massively delayed by Malifaux 2nd Edition, though I've had the PDFs for a while. I backed early, so got a complementary Miss Terious figure, who is lovely. Sadly, money at the time prevented me from going in for a larger reward - ironically, I want the "Hanging Tree" model more than pretty much anything else that came in at the higher rewards, although the plushie voodoo doll is kind of adorable.

Wyrd were kind enough to send out a Malifaux starter box to apologise for the late delivery. While this was very kind of them, I'm not an Arcanist player, so have entered into an arrangement with The Anxious Gamer to take them off my hands and not add to my backlog any further. Hopefully I'm not dropping them in trouble by mentioning this!

When I got in, I decided to do me some painting. This was partially because I was sad I couldn't afford to go to either "Bring Out Your Lead" up at Foundry near Nottingham, or a small cancer fundraiser 40K event being held down at Wayland Games in Essex, and wanted to distract myself!

Sim had been amazing and had helped me out with these Beastmen on a previous weekend, and they just needed basing to finish off - so they got done and ticked off the list.

I also got one of my two Squat mercenaries painted up, for use in skirmish games and Inquisitorial retinues and all that sort of good stuff. The other chap still needs doing, but I was glad to get one of them done in between waiting for bits of basing materials to dry.

Of course, now I notice I caught a bit of his shoe with the basing paint. I'll go fix that. But this is really starting to make me think about starting to paint my models separately from the bases and attach them after they've been painted separately.

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