Monday 4 August 2014

Was I Sisyphus in a previous life?

My wife is a wonderful person, and the other week, while I was getting ready for "Dakka on Bakka", she offered to help out with getting stuff done. Full of optimism about the Firestorm Redoubt, I asked if she'd mind doing a little work on my Beastmen...

She did this in a single evening in front of the telly. Well, she did the other one as well, but that will be explained in a moment. She then also ended up fixing my botched attempt at the Firestorm Redoubt in time for the tournament as well.

Here's the ninth chap. Sim's one 'failing' was assuming I'd actually stuck these kitbashes together properly in the first place, and the pick ax this guy is carrying came off while she was painting him. For the sake of doing it properly, I've now drilled through his hand, and into the pick ax, and pinned the blasted thing. I just need to trim the wire and add the bottom end of the haft back on now.

I've also started work on the first of my Squats, who'll be being someone's henchman soon. The apparently odd colour choice is because I'm trying to pay tribute to some of the old Squat League colours - the basing will get washed and highlighted and weathered until it looks a bit more gritty and realistic, but I'm currently pleased it doesn't look terrible - although I need to be careful not to make his gloves look like Marigold Washing Up Gloves!

And it looks like he's getting ready in time, because there appear to be some rivals turning up to oppose him! I found this on my mat when I got in from work this evening - another one of the Kickstarters I backed has delivered! This is by a chap called Jon Lawrence in the US, who runs a little company called Trench 2114 - either that, or that's his game. I'm kind of unclear. Anyhow, it had a modest goal, just made its target, and has delivered within a month of its target date. Perhaps I should be taking the concept of succeeding at modest goals to heart?