Wednesday 13 August 2014

London UK Convention: Games and Gears Con, August 29 - 31

There's a new wargaming convention in town!

So, it turns out Games & Gears, makers of brushes, wargaming battle boards and other bits and bobs, have decided to set up a convention. I found out about it from my friends who work at Dark Sphere, who are running several events at the con. The event is running from 29 - 31 August, at a hotel  in / near Gatwick.

There are tournament events for Warmachine, Hordes, 40K Kill Team, 40K Doubles, Warhammer Fantasy Doubles, Dreadball, Deadzone and also Magic The Gathering.

The full event schedule is up here.

You can get tickets here.

Sadly, I can't go to this myself this year, but I'm really curious about what conventions like this are like. I've only really done Salute from a wargaming perspective, although I went to UK Gencon once, that was primarily as a role-player. I've done a ton of LARP cons, but they are very different beasts.

I hope this is of interest to some of the folk who read this blog. If any of you do go - could you report back on what it's like? I'm definitely intending on going to something like this in the future, and I'd like to get an idea of what it's like.

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