Monday 25 August 2014

Rainy bank holidays: helping me be a less terrible person

This bank holiday weekend, I decided to try and do at least some of the things I have sitting in my queue for other people.

Codename: Oberon is not for other people, but I've found I get more done if I don't focus on a single project at once. Oberon was finished in between the main project of the weekend.

And here's the the big job from this weekend. These are five Runtherd kit-bashes for Sim's Ork army, as one of her second hand purchases included many Gretchin, but no Runtherds to push them into battle. A recent bits sale at one of the sites I used provided me with five Freebooter bodies and an assortment of gun arms and heads to make them into full models.

As a cautionary tale for those doing Ork conversions - if you're buying bits separately, you need to buy the neck component as well as the body, or you're going to have problems. I found that non Freebooter heads went on just find, using the bottom of what should be the throat as an Adam's apple instead. They do end up a little long necked, but I think they turned out fine.

I intend to continue on with Operation: Finish Off Everyone Else's Stuff over the coming weeks.


  1. I quite like doing stuff for other people...but yeah, even when there's no deadline (ie. it's stuff from the goodly Zzzzzz) there's still always a pressure!

    1. There is no deadline, but when I realised I'd had some of it for more than two years, I realised I needed to man up and get it sorted!

    2. I do see the list plan as a major advantage (especially if you like dotting about.. very easy for a project to be left behind otherwise)

    3. Yeah, I dot about all the time. The lists have helped a lot!