Monday 18 January 2016

Keeping up the pace in the New Year

This post is a little late today as later this week I'm off to play a game of Malifaux, and I needed to spend some time finding tape measure, cards and all that other good stuff I'd put somewhere "safe" after the last time I played!

So, this was the original plan for last week - get the Coryphee and limited edition Performer assembled so I have more than one build for my Malifaux crew. But I ordered the wrong base sizes for the Coryphee, and I need a thinner drill bit and pinning wire for their tiny, tiny feet. So these are put to one side for now.

I have instead finished off my Scheme markers. They are 30mm "Shrine" bases by Micro Art Studio. They were undercoated white, then washed with the new clear blue Forge World airbrush paint (with a brush). Then the tops of the miniatures (but not the recesses) were carefully darkened with the GW blue wash. Once this was all dry, successively lighter drybrushes of Steel Legion Drab, Zandri Dust and a bone colour were then applied. Finally, the edges were painted around with Chaos Black to tidy them up.

I'm quite happy with the result, as the "glow coming from the earth" effect I wanted has been achieved with only a little effort. I'm extra pleased, as that's something finished this year, and from the "pile of stuff I was halfway through", at that!


  1. Kool - get on with it, then. Do more.

    1. Work and other hobbies are pretty busy - I'm booked to go to a tournament this weekend, for example - but I'm hoping to keep some steady progress until things get a bit quieter in a few months.