Monday 11 January 2016

Preparing and assembling some Malifaux Changeling proxies

Operation "assemble all the things" is now well underway. The main task for the weekend was getting some proxy Changelings ready. I decided to get these done because the Mysterious Emissary can summon them.

(I've also been slowly working on green stuffing all the mould lines on Miss Ery, the Nightmare Teddy, but that is not very interesting to look at, and also not finished.)

I decided to go with non human looking critters, on the basis that they could be the Changeling's "natural" forms. I went with two familiars and a halfling from Heresy Miniatures, as I liked the look of them.

They are all now pinned to their bases. With the middle one (Familiar with Knife) I wasn't too comfortable with the idea of pinning into his teeny legs and feet. I remembered something I'd heard on the Mayacast podcast as a tip for assembling Infinity figures. The idea is not to cut off all the tab on a miniature, and use some of that as an integral pin. I'm pleased to report it worked very well!

The bases are Scibor "rocky" bases. I picked mine up from Dark Sphere for convenience sake. I'm planning on doing the rest of my Neverborn on Micro Art bases, but given the ones I was planning on using were out of stock, and these are proxies until the proper models come out, I thought that would be OK.

This mini project will give me a full 50 soul stone list for Malifaux that I can play. I'm waiting for the bases to come in for two Coryphee and a Performer, who will be my first "alternative" models for crew selection.