Monday 25 January 2016

Assembling some bits and pieces

Having had a bit of a problem with assembling Miss Ery, and with two days scheduled to actually play Malifaux (battle reports to follow), I thought it wise to take a little break from assembling Malifaux stuff, and do something different.

So, I went through the "to do" list and pulled up every easy to assemble single model listed, resulting in the impressive pile of stuff above (and actually not including Hasslefree Minature's "Blanche", which I found while digging through boxes for the others).

It's not all done - I had a pretty late start on Saturday, and Sunday was taken up with a little beginners Malifaux tournament over at Wayland Games. The intention isn't to paint all of these, just get them cleaned up, based and undercoated, so if I do get enthused about that particular figure, it's easy and ready to go.

I don't recall if I mentioned - I've now sorted my unpainted stuff into three clear lists. The first list is the "to do" list. This is anything I want to do myself, that I have a clear plan for. The second is the "for gaming" list, where I'm OK with painting it, but also happy sending it to a commission painter should the budget allow. Finally, there's the "Stash". That's stuff I haven't worked out what I want to do with yet, or don't have a plan for. Long term, the plan is to make the stash very very small...

Still, happy with Saturday's progress. There's a bunch of dudes (and ladies) closer to seeing paint!


  1. Great minis, very promising !

    1. Thanks! I got a little happy feeling when I was sorting them - I liked the assortment. There's even more variety in the ones not far enough along for a photograph yet!