Wednesday 6 January 2016

Review of the year - 2015

Well, that was this year.

I set myself a few goals for this year. The core goal was to complete two projects a month. There were also some stretch goals:

- Finish more than two projects in a month, and limit purchases the following month to however much I beat the target by
- Finish "Operation: Complete Other People's Stuff". (only 3 items left!)

- Clear the Hall of Shame of anything started before 2014. (5 items)

- Finish anything I started before the start of 2015. (20 items)

How did I do?

(I am not counting work commissioned out in my productivity), as I was aiming to get stuff done myself!)

Two projects a month: Done in January, March, April, June, July, August and October. (7/12)

Twenty four projects in a year (16/24)

Finish more two more things than you buy each month (complete failure)

Operation: Complete Other People's Stuff (2/3)

Hall of Shame (2/5)

Finish anything started before the start of 2015 (6/20)

What got done?

Here's the stuff I got painted this year:



(Also completed: some assembly for my wife, counted as a project, but no photo taken!)





Original paint job: Inquisitor Steve
Touch up and rebasing: The Responsible One

Original paint job unknown
Touch up and rebasing: TRO





I'm not too unhappy with the progress. I've not managed to hit my core goals, but looking back, there's still a reasonable amount painted. It is sadly mostly single figures, with none of the big projects done, but there's still some nice pieces I'm proud of here.

Given the amount of content here, I'm going to leave my plans for this coming year to a separate post. Suffice to say, I've got some ideas for how to change things up a notch!


  1. That's still quite the year! Congrats! Maybe I should make some goals for this year...

    1. I keep reading all these blogs of people who've managed to get over a hundred miniatures done... But right now I'm just focussing on getting more productive! I'm happy with what I painted, just wanting to get more done this year. :)

    2. My problem is I don't finish projects that I basically take through to "Substantial Completion"... Or... in other words, I'm too lazy to hit the fine details.

      So far this year though, I'm kind of shattering my expectations...

    3. I don't mind coming back to something later. I've found getting a bunch of stuff ready to "tabletop quality" for an event is massively stressful for me, but I'm pretty sure I'd be motivated to go back to finished stuff and add some detail prior to an event, provided there was nothing that needed to be done!

  2. I do love that miniature you painted in Jan.

    Is it a kit bash or a production mininature?

    1. It was a kitbash I found at the bottom of a bring and buy box I bought. The legs and arms are an Elysian Drop Trooper, and the body a Chaos Renegade - both by Forge World.

      The body is a bit too wide for the legs, but that was easily fixed with a little green stuff.

    2. It's a very cool kit bash.

  3. There's some lovely stuff here. I've just got two questions - what do you define as a "project" - an individual model, or a unit, or an army?(!)
    If I can make a suggestion - Perhaps setting a goal that fits with your style and time - so it's much more achievable for you as the "hard" goal and the others can be the stretch goals? I'd suggest simply setting "more than I did last year" as the hard goal, and then everything from there is gravy. :)

    Also - does blogspot have an "email update" option? I always fall behind on following the non-wordpress blogs that I want to keep up with because it's harder to remember to check them periodically.
    All the best for the New Year, mate!

    1. So, I was being inconsistent! I was using "project" to describe a model or unit. I'm now moving it up a notch, and using it to describe a notable chunk of an army - basically, warband or small detachment sizes of work.

      I'm afraid I'm not sure if Blogspot has an e-mail option. I certainly can't find one! I just use it's "follow" capacity, which is capped at 300, and just shows me all of someone's recent posts. Having checked my Wordpress account (which I only use to link back here and comment on Wordpress blogs), you can do the same thing on Wordpress, but it specifically won't e-mail you notifications, which is annoying.

  4. Looks like a successful year to me! You found time to paint a lot of models. I have a hard time of painting any of the models I work on, ha ha.

    I really like the Renegade guardsman you painted in January. The orange and silver work really well together, as do the hazard stripes on his knee pad.

    Keep up the great work and good luck in 2016!

    1. He's definitely my favourite, although I am very pleased with the drunken goblin nose and stripy trousers.

      And yeah, really hoping I get some serious painting done in 2016.