Thursday 20 December 2018

Dark Sphere tries Infinity Tournaments, Part 1 - The Tables

Back in November, Dark Sphere decided to try running an Infinity tournament at their new Shepherd's Bush store.

I volunteered to help out a bit with checking the terrain set ups, in terms of volume and table layout, as it's quite hard to get that right as a non Infinity player.

Unfortunately, I did drop the ball on a couple of the tables and they weren't necessarily fun play experiences. However, lessons learned for next time, and we'll try and get more than one pair of eyes on the tables before we start.

That said, Dark Sphere did an excellent job in getting a whole bunch of scenery assembled and painted in the time available.

I'm keen to get some more games in down there and look at how to tweak the tables to get them working better.

There's definitely plans for some more Infinity tournaments at Dark Sphere in the future, which I aim to attend.

Some of the tables did need to use 40K terrain, but they did OK despite that.

I'll be doing a separate post about the tournament itself in the future. For now, you can have a look at all these different table set ups. (If you are an Infinity player and have feedback on any of them, feel free to comment!)


  1. Ha, I think I may have been in the store at the same time as you, when I took a bit of spare time to visit the new DS store :)

    I do play in an Infinity tournament a number of years ago at their old store and the ta Les were hit and miss - one was just trees, which my opponent had a unit which could see though.....that was a quick game!

    1. Oh goodness, yes, that would be an incredibly short game. They're certainly willing to listen and learn on the tables, and were asking the community for help in making sure they were set up to a playable standard.