Monday, 5 July 2021

Looking back on June

While most of this month was hijacked by the Corvus Belli painting competition, it turns out that a ton of other things got painted at the same time while I was sitting at the hobby desk. Definitely a lesson for making sure I spend time at the hobby desk because tons gets done.

First up is the Kickstarter preview I got sent by Bad Squiddo Games. I've not yet heard when the Kickstarter is, but I definitely promise to let people know when its announced...

I also managed to get the Pneumarch HVT model for my Shasvastii off the "half finished" pile. It definitely made me feel really positive about finishing anything for my army, which is good, because I'm trying to get a whole bunch done!

I am super happy with how Brath the Stag came out. It's such an excellent sculpt and it was remarkably easy to make him look this good. You can get your own from Fenris Games in the UK or Barbaric Splendor in the US.

I also knocked out a quick "Sheriff Drumfasser" which is a Reaper Bones Black model. Not super in love with him, but he is another finished mini.

And finally . . . finishing the month as I began with a Bad Squiddo miniature. This was an impulse purchase at a show. No, still don't know what I'm doing with them . . .

Looking forward - I'm trying to get my Shasvastii done for the Corvus Belli painting competition. Also, Age of Sigmar 3 has now been released, and I really really need to get a playable force for this edition, having missed the first two editions without managing to get a game in . . .

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