Friday 10 December 2021

Salute 2021: Frothers Unite UK

At Salute 2019, Frothers Unite UK unveiled their "Project Fear" Brexit inspired game, and won an award for the most innovative game. This year, at Salute 2021, they not only brought "Escape from Brexit", but also their new game, "Fake News - Escape to Mexico".

They liked the stickers I was giving out to people, and decided to add one to the game.

The Tea Party seemed to be represented by daftly dressed people riding an elephant.

There were some Klan available to be shot, guilt free.

Trump was accompanied by a bunch of little orange munchkin Trumps. Pure nightmare fuel.

Also joining the game I can see Travis from Taxi, the Statue of Liberty and the God Emperor of Mankind.

The kids are alright, though.

Meanwhile, on the Brexit table, the Queen has had enough.

Femi made an appearance.

As well as a couple of political figures we haven't heard from in a little while...

The villains were what you'd expect.

Another villain...

The Brexit unicorn from last year appears to now be a shambling undead horror.

We don't seem to have made many trade deals, have we?

The Brexit golem made a return.

And the fish people continued to campaign for awful policies.

Another anti-fascist sticker snuck its way onto a Dover lorry...


  1. Good morning Simon.

    "Remoaner", yes. I don't think I or the makers of the games are shy about our opinion of Brexit. Some people prefer collaboration and compromise, and nearly half the country voted against it before we started. I don't think how it's been enacted is really going to change many people's minds as to whether it was a good idea or not.

    "Lefty", sure. I think the creators are, and I wasn't a fan of Corbyn because he wasn't left wing enough.

    But "rubbish"? There's two detailed, heavily modelled tables with whole armies of figures that took hours to build and paint. The table was packed with people non stop, playing the game, enjoying themselves, laughing and cheering. It won an award from the Salute organisers for the second year running.

    So I object to "rubbish". It's very good, even if you don't personally agree with the politics around it. Games can (and should) make a political or social point.

    I'm sorry if I got politics in your morning browse of interesting toy soldiers. It can be a surprise while you're having your cornflakes if you're not expecting it.

    On Monday, the blog will be back to more typical fare, with a wargame that's a parody of 80s British politics (aka Warhammer 40K)...

  2. Thanks so much for your review of the games! Very much appreciated and glad to give a home to the stickers! @BunnyBadger_

    1. Not a problem! Hope to see you at another event in future.