Wednesday 8 December 2021

Work in Progress Wednesdays - Left at the Bottom of the Garden

Today's work in progress is the Left at the Bottom of the Garden set by Statuesque Miniatures. I picked these up from the Kickstarter some time ago, and decided to get them ready for paint.

I've gone for just a flat grey undercoat on these rather than the zenithal you might be used to seeing, because these large, flat surfaces will not do well with contrast paints, and will need a bit more of a traditional approach.

The penguin is giving me the fear, because I'm going to need to do a tolerable white on a quite flat, unforgiving space to get him to work. The crows are some of my favourite models. I could just see them being a hag's creepy puppet bird spies, or some weird fae creatures.

I'm not sure what to do with the cat, but the two dolls have a lot of personality to me. They could work as weird creepy doll servants, or possibly real children under some nasty curse that the players have to try and break. Plenty of high fantasy folk horror vibes you could play with.

The singing cloth mice feel like they need their own weird little rules and could be a nice encounter when you've strayed to near the fae wilds, or maybe are trying to find the home of the mysterious magic toy maker. I may also use them as some of the strange animals you find in Forbidden Psalm, which is a very different feel indeed.

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