Wednesday 29 December 2021

The Reassuring Familiar Feeling of Abject Failure

With three days left in the year, and still with a single piece of scatter terrain painted, it's time to admit that painting scores of figures to justify buying Dungeon Bowl isn't happening this month. Looking at my desk, the "limited work in progress" ideal of Kanban I try and follow definitely isn't happening.

So, for the end of year, rather than rushing to finish one more figure, I'm going to tidy up. Put everything away. I can then get out the thing I'm going to be working on and have the space to actually work on it. Starting the New Year with a clean slate will have a good feeling to it.

(I do still want Dungeon Bowl, but that is going to move to a running total of what I've painted before I can get it.)

Once everything is tidied away, if I have time, the first "project" will be sorting out the Deathwatch commission I got back from Squiggle's Studio recently. There's a couple of transport casualties that need fixing, and having got them back, I want to very slightly tweak the base rims. It's not worth sending them all back just for that, so I'll get it done myself before putting them away into their KR cases.

I'll have a think about what I'd like to do first while I'm tidying. I won't decide now, I'll find three cool things while tidying up at least!


  1. I had this similar moment of acceptance and relief last night. I've been painting Chaos, but I was still planning on painting a load of skellies for Deadcember - however, I finished my pot of rat brown and realised that I needed it to keep colour consistency with my other skellies and so... well I think that's me done for the year pretty much! Feels better than having a whole unit to bash through before the bells, to be honest!

    1. And to drive the point home, I've run out of superglue too!

    2. For me, I've not done as much as I'd want, but realised that it would be much better to tidy up and set myself up to "do well next year", despite it being a completely arbitrary measurement. If it works for my brain, I'm going to live with it :D