Monday 20 June 2022

Too hot, painter melted

The heat in the UK this week was brutal, and it was really not the weather to be trying to paint anything. I got my Infinity assembly back, and realised quite how big the Avatar is. They'll be going onto the bench to get basing paste added, then black undercoat and a zenithal to get them ready to paint.

I spent a few hours assembling a handful of orcs that Warlord Games sell. They were originally made by Wargames Factory. The quality of these models were really not great, and was a little demoralising to finish making four models that I ended up not liking.

I've also started on the Horus Heresy models I have as part of operation: do I like painting Horus Heresy models?

I was feeling super stressed on Friday night about only having a little bit done. But getting to Sunday evening as I write this, I've gotten into a bit of a better place. I've got quite a few bits done, and am now in a good place to get going next weekend, provided its a little cooler.


  1. I hear you with the 'want to paint these things but cannot face actually doing it' vibe. Horrendously vexing.

    1. This weekend wasn't even just the psychological hit, but the fact that in the time it took to move a brush from a paint pot to a model, it would have probably baked solid in the heat.