Wednesday 5 October 2022

A little group of D&D miniatures

As part of my ongoing quest to keep my backlog under control, I sent a handful of D&D miniatures off to Brushchewer Inc to get them some tabletop quality jobs. These were literally models I found while going through a box deciding what to keep or sell, and in this case, I was keen to have the models but wasn't 100% set on painting them myself, so I got a professional in...

First up are a Hobgoblin Iron Shadow and a Hobgoblin Devastator from the Wizkids line. I thought they would be useful as either models for PCs, or for baddies. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the Wizkids D&D line - the poses are awesome and there's huge variety, but the quality is really variable.

Next up are an Arcanaloth and an Ultraloth. Again, these are Wizkids models, and very much taking advantage of the license and the variety of the line. I really love the idea of the Yugoloth - neutral evil fiendish mercenaries who will work for anyone - and think they're under-used.

I think it's one of the flaws of how D&D books have been written of late. They have this wonderful concept of "mercenary fiends", then precisely none of their settings have any examples of them being actively used. There's minimal links between the really rather good ideas in the monster books and the setting and adventure books. It feels like wasted potential.

Finally, I have some Reaper Bones Hordelings that I picked up at Salute from a bargain bin who have been sitting around forever. They don't represent a particular D&D monster but as small gribbly creatures will do fine as magical imps, vat grown monsters, and so forth.

All in all, a nice eclectic selection of villains and monsters to round out my D&D suitable collection who can now be filed away in KR cases until they're needed in a game.


  1. They're all just wonderful, but I especially love the hordlings. Those are the sort of minis that would be useful in so many different games and settings. And they'd add so much colour to the table. Anyway, brilliant work!

    1. Yeah, there's something to be said if you do RPGs and model agnostic skirmish games for putting together a collection of generic models you'll re-use a lot.