Monday 17 October 2022

Shasvastii - Nox Troopers and a Cadmus

I was super pleased this weekend to finish the Shasvastii that have been on my desk for months. They've been about 60% done for ages, and over one weekend I got them to about 80% done, finishing them up on Monday evening.

First up is the Cadmus. He's suffered a bit from the changes to Decoy and Combat Jump in N4, meaning it's hard to justify his place in a list when there's so many other good options. Without Parachutist, he doesn't have a low risk means of deploying, Morpho-Scan is a gimmicky edge case and none of the weapon profiles really jump out as exciting.

Meanwhile, with the recent changes to Fireteam rules Nox Troopers become a lot more tempting. Having the HMG and Sniper options painted mean that I now have some good long ranged options to test with the team, while a separate model for the Forward Observer means its easier for me to delineate a specialist in the squad if I need to.

The Shasvastii are going back on the shelf for now while I run White Company for a while, but finishing up the part completed projects has left me feeling really positive about my painting. Project wise, I'm likely to get my Battletech Griffin painted up next. I'll then see how I feel between doing my Horus Heresy test models or plugging through the Defiance scenery as a relatively dull "quick win". The instinct right now is Heresy, but they will require some concentration and I might be in a mood to plug out some tabletop quality stuff...

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