Friday 28 October 2022

Infinity: A Little White Company

I'm off to the EIC tournament in Mallorca this weekend, and as I was list building, I realised I needed a couple more models painted up. That Mr Shy very kindly accepted a small commission with a deadline to sort me out.

I was still unsure of what my lists would be when the painting started, so I had to guess a little bit. I went with the Fusilier Support box, the Danavas Hacker, a Peacemaker remote and a third HVT for the "Unmasking" mission.

We've had a couple of excitements along the way. The Fusilier box was mis-packed and missing a couple of heads. I've got them now, but not in time to be painted. Fortunately, we got the heads for the HMG and the Sniper, the models that have actually made it into my lists. My clumsy fingers also knocked a part off the Peacemaker remote while I was unpacking it, and its sitting on my repairs bench. Fortunately, it didn't make my lists!

The Danavas Hacker also comes with a small ALEPH remote that White Company can't take, and I forgot to tell Stu not to paint it. It is, however, utterly adorable, so I'm not mad. I think it'll end up being a spare HVT for missions like Rescue.

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