Wednesday 26 October 2022

Fat Dragon Games Turtles by Iron Gate Scenery

At last year's Salute, I picked up a couple of 3D printed turtle people from Iron Gate Scenery. They are designed by Fat Dragon Games, who sell them as 3D print files, while Iron Gate Scenery supply them as printed models.

I wanted to keep these pretty simple, so painted some light base colours before adding contrast paint or washes. The one difference I did was the skin tone as a bit of an experiment. I based both sets of skin with Orruk Flesh. The one on the left I then used Militarum Green contrast on, while the one on the right I used Mortarion Grime shade on. It's resulted in two very different turtle skin tones, and I like both in their own way.

I really quite like these models. They're very simple sculpts with a few basic details on that take washes and contrast really well. If you're looking to round out a D&D collection or grab a few skirmish troops for Frostgrave or similar, they're a cheap and easy to paint way to do so. I'm also looking thoughtfully at getting some more of these turtles to use as animal cultists in Forbidden Psalm...

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