Monday 26 June 2023

A busy hobby week - Battletech, Acquisitions, and an Infinity tournament

It's been a busy week! During the week nights I managed to get started on one of my Urbanmechs, getting a base colour down. The idea is to keep doing a little on the evenings I'm not role-playing or having practice games down the club so it becomes more of a habit.

I had a couple of bits and pieces arrive in the post. Firstly, the KR cases I ordered for that big pile of miniatures that need putting away showed up, so that's likely to be a very unphotogenic bit of hobby I'll be plugging away at this week. Secondly, I got these lovely space pirates from a a Facebook hobby group exclusive thing. I'm a bit torn as to what to do with them, as I deeply love them, but there's also 22 of them and I have other projects that I have a more immediate use for that I could do before them instead. They kind of feel like a project in need of a purpose...

I also attended Steel City Insurrection, a 2 day, 6 game Infinity tournament in Sheffield. It was hosted at Patriot Games, which is a really nice gaming shop with a ton of gaming space and a really good café. I would absolutely be a regular there if I lived further north!

I had a ton of fun at the event but it will take me a good bit of time to write up, and I'm off to Norwich this weekend for . . . another Infinity event. So, I promise thoughts will be transferred to blog at some point, but I cannot for certain say when . . .


  1. Great stuff here, mate! Game looks good and a nice start to the mech.

    1. Thanks! The first day of the tournament is now up, and the second day (including the photo above) is now schedule to publish later this week.