Thursday 29 June 2023

Infinity Satellite - Steel City Insurrection, Day 1

Last weekend, I headed up to Sheffield for an Infinity Satellite tournament - one of the larger fan organised tournaments supported by Corvus Belli. This one was called "Steel City Insurrection" and was a two day tournament with six missions. Thirty four players had signed up, with a really wide range of factions. I was taking my White Company, with the broad goal of trying to win at least three games.

There was a nice promo bag for all the players, with a dice bag and dice tray produced for the event, along with some Colour Forge spray and flock pots. I didn't have much luck with the last can I had but I'll give this one a go and see if it was just that colour.

There was also a "Bad Time Bingo" game where lots of terrible things that could go wrong were on a bingo card. There were Fabulous Prizes for whoever managed to get a line first.

First game was Quadrant Control against Rushforth 1980, who was running Morats and got the first turn. He got the first turn and laid down a Yaogat Sniper in a Core Fireteam and a Raicho TAG, so I was pretty sure I was in trouble...

Yup, that's a TAG in my deployment zone, killing my backline. Oh bother. On the second turn, I noticed my opponent had left his left flank a little weak and managed to push up to tie for zones for a turn, but that was all I was ever going to score as everything got rolled over. The game ended 9-2 in favour of the Morats, with my army completely tabled.

Next up was Rescue, and I was facing TheScrub's Haqqislam force. I got the first turn and spent a bit of it trying to clear the Inevitable Fiday, but wasn't able to get rid of it. I took out a couple of ARO pieces before passing the turn and losing my Karhu Feuerbach to the Fiday.

My advance stalled as a Hidden Deployment trooper revealed and the ORC Feuerbach just wasn't able to clear them. With the Feuerbach down, the Haqqislam hackers were able to isolate my hackers with only a couple of losses. This left me without enough orders to score, and his Bashi Bazouk was able to recover a civilian back to his deployment zone, which along with securing the HVT left him with a 5-0 win.

The final game on day 1 was Cutthroat, against a Steel Phalanx list piloted by Chorsac. I was expecting, and faced Achilles, Phoenix and Atalanta. This is a tough fight and as expected, my ORC Feuerbach got knocked unconscious in the first turn, but I hadn't lost too many miniatures when the turn passed to me.

My first turn was one of those turns where everything worked out well. My Danavas laid down a White Noise zone that Atalanta couldn't see through. My doctor healed up the ORC so he could get back in the fight. The Haidao Sniper then saw through Phoenix's Mimetism and took Phoenix down, then the ORC Feuerbach hit Atalanta through the White Noise and took her out.

Achilles had some bad luck and engaged in some mutual destruction with a Beasthunter, got healed up again, before being finally taken down. By the end of the game, I had a solid 10-0 win in the bag, and felt like I'd turned things around a little bit.

There was then a very pleasant evening at a local restaurant with a lot of the players before I returned to where I was staying for the evening. There was not a lot of time for sleep before I needed to get up for the second day of games...

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