Monday 19 June 2023

After LARP, a little hobby

The weekend before last was Empire LRP, so most of this week has been recovery and tidying. Still, I took the opportunity to settle down to a bit of painting and finish up the last four pieces of the Mantic Terrain Crate "Dungeon Debris" that has been a deeply cursed project for me.

Getting it finished and off the paint table feels like a bit achievement, even if I was literally down to only doing a final drybrush on the last pieces.

The next two weekends I'm roaming the country looking for trouble. Specifically, Steel City Insurrection in Sheffield, and a tournament the following weekend in Norwich. Both are Satellite tournaments.

I've been practicing with my White Company for Sheffield, and am still trying to pin down exactly what I want to take. For Sheffield, the missions seem relatively simple, but I'm undecided what to take. While White Company are an option, there's a small temptation to just take a really violent Dahshat list instead.

I also took advantage of the nice weather to undercoat all the beasties I have for wild shape and familiars for D&D. But next, I need to do a little "stock take" of what hobby needs doing and work out what I'm doing over the next few weeks.

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