Thursday 1 June 2023

Terrain Crate Battlefield Objectives - Brushchewer Inc

Brushchewer painted up another Terrain Crate set for me - this time the "Battlefield Objectives". Some of these will be used less regularly than things like the Dungeon Debris or Essentials, but I felt that there was enough to justify getting the set in the sale I picked it up in.

A partially hatched dragon egg or a pile of cannonballs and powder aren't going to be used very often, and neither is this large bonfire / beacon.

As a nice touch, it comes with the fire piece separately, so you can have it starting un-lit and then add the fire when they're lit. There's some fun little fights and objectives that will work nicely with.

I didn't specify anything for the captive or the dead messenger, so Brushchewer decided it would be fun to give a nod to Mario with a captive Peach, and a Mario who didn't make it to the next castle...

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