Thursday 22 June 2023

Taking stock of the hobby and making some plans

I took a little time to take stock of my hobby this weekend, and work out what needs doing. In some ways, this blog post is to help me work out where I'm at and what needs doing. I'm going to work from "most done" to "least done".

First up is this basket of things that need putting away. I'm running out of space in my existing KR cases, so I've ordered some new KR cases to fit these.

This scatter terrain and two miniatures are all waiting to get varnished. This isn't a big job, but I haven't rushed to it given how big a pile of miniatures are waiting to get put away. Also, Games Workshop Munitorum Varnish spray has been out of stock for a while now, and I'm down to my last can...

I've still got the two Oathsworn Dwarfs I've not finished on the paint tray. I've also pulled a Battletech Urbanmech and an Orc barbarian across onto the tray as a couple of relatively simple to paint miniatures that I can get mostly done while I finish up the dwarfs. As you're about to see, I keep getting caught up with lots of half finished assembly projects, so I really want to make one of my absolute priorities getting models painted so I'm not just piling up loads of models that are ready to paint.

This is the tray of "next projects", that should be everything that's "up next" on it. Unfortunately, on top of this there's a whole bunch of other things that don't fit here, which is a sign of me having too much "in progress". 

My D&D "wildshapes and familiars" are all undercoated now, and are a good candidate for some quick batch painting over a weekend to really blitz through them.

I also have a whole bunch of assembled Combined Army and O-12 miniatures that need their undercoat tidying up and a zenithal effect applied. Given I'm currently planning on going Nomad next, this is a bunch of work I set myself up for that I'm no longer super keen on. Part of me thinks if I get it done before I put them away, I've not left as big a problem for future me. Another part of me is asking what future me has ever done for me.

On the assembly shelf is a bunch of Otherworld Minis I impulse purchased due to one of their regular overstock sales. There's also the Kobold Frameworks minis from Wizkids. Currently my plan is to get the Otherworld minis based and undercoated as a priority. Until I've got a bit more space on the "waiting" tray, though, I may hold off on the Kobolds.

Further back in the queue are an assortment of Infinity minis that need minor repairs from being posted to me. With them being from factions I'm not picking up soon, and needing so many other things doing first, these are probably a way off getting fixed up.

Finally, I've got the Game of Armoured Combat box for Battletech, which I've been cleaning the mould lines off. Again, they're paused while I deal with this big old queue of things ahead of them. Once I get a few other bits and pieces finished, there will be space to get these done.

All in all, this is a good reminder that I don't need to buy anything right now, and I don't need to start assembling anything new until I've finished painting some of the stuff I'm already doing.

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