Monday 9 October 2023

A week focussed on Infinity

I've had this Nomad Gator "in assembly" for weeks and weeks now, but I wanted to use him in a game on Sunday, so I knuckled down on Saturday evening and got him fully assembled.

Readers with memories may recall that I excitedly mentioned having two weeks holiday in a blog post, but then September only had the Mutant Marshes "scenery fingers" finished. In the end, it was a mix of the "too much work in progress" issue, and my needing an Actual Break.

So I focussed much of my time on sorting out putting away models and sending half finished projects off to commission painters, neither of which are particularly photogenic or interesting things for the blog. That said, there's a bunch less "clutter" around than there was before, so I should be able to get a bit more focus in when I am doing some hobby.

The new Operations Deck for Infinity arrived. This has a new set of Classified Missions in it, which are random secondary objectives in a lot of tournament missions. There's also a new way to play, called Resilience Operations. There's a lot for me to think about how this affects play with Infinity. I may write a ramble on that later, once I've had a chance to read and digest them...

One small note if anyone else is building the Gator... This upper body is four pieces - the centre piece, the two side pieces and the back piece... However, you shouldn't do what I've done here!

It turns out that you can't put the body on the legs if you've attached the back piece! Fortunately the glue hadn't dried yet, so I was able to fix it. You can get away with attaching the side pieces to the top before you attach them to the legs.

I also got my game in at the club on Sunday. It was a game of Supplies against JSA where I fit as many newly assembled models into the list as I could. This wasn't the greatest of plans, but I'll report back on that more later...

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