Monday 23 October 2023

Receiving TAG Raid, and Other Sorting

It's been a busy hobby weekend here, as I've been tidying up, and checking my delivery of TAG Raid - a board game / battle arena game set in the Infinity universe, with a lot of Infinity compatible miniatures included. I picked up two full sets (mostly paying for the second with the money I'd got selling off my spares from the Defiance Kickstarter) so I could paint up one full set for the game and then loot the second box for miniatures for my factions and sell the spares.

First, though, a whole bunch of tidying. There were quite a few models in the basket of putting away later that had been there a good long while, so I gave them a sort. Quite a lot of the bigger D&D monsters went away into the new KR case I'd picked up at SELWG, but I realised I needed one more, and have now ordered it.

The painting desk is also drowning in miniatures - a Wizkids dragon awaiting photography, a whole ton of Morats who I've had assembled and are being put away for now, and a finished Brushchewer commission that's awaiting photography...

Meanwhile, over here we have a big pile of repairs that have been building up a while, some more of those big D&D models, and a Thunderbrush commission for my NA2 and Qapu Khalqi that have been photographed and just need putting away now.

Another thing that arrived in the post recently are these Jon Hodgson backdrop books for miniature photography. I've not played around with them yet, but they seemed easy to use and the art is amazing. I got mine via a Kickstarter, but if they look like something you'd like, Bad Squiddo has a pre-order deal running at the moment.

I'd ordered a whole bunch of TAGs and Heavy Infantry for cheap alongside the Kickstarter for various factions I play. I've had a few mispacks recently, so I went through every single box and checked each part in turn so I don't come to build something in a few months and find something missing, or have to get one of my commission painters to take the photos I need for Corvus Belli's excellent missing parts service.

The game itself also has a lot to go through. Fortunately, the Rulebook had clear pictures of everything in the box so it was easy to check.

The mining TAGs, which are used as Triphammers in Infinity, are single piece PVC plastic, and pretty solid quality. I'm also excited  that they need precisely no assembly whatsoever, and I'll be able to run a Triphammer whenever I fancy now.

There are a lot of metal miniatures to go through, though. For each box and supplement, I need to go through, and check every single miniature is there...

... and then that every single part of each miniature is there in turn. It's a time consuming process, but really important when you've had a big order come in.

Anyhow, that's enough chatting from me. I need to get back down the part checking mines!

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  1. Instantly went and bought the back drop books I've been looking for something like that. Great find.