Monday 30 October 2023

Infinity Battle Report: ITS15 - B-Pong

I arranged to have a game down the club to keep learning Nomads. My opponent was running Ariadna, and we picked the new ITS 15 mission "B-Pong". This is a new mission where you're trying to move a beacon towards your opponent, while controlling the beacon and consoles, each scoring each turn.

My opponent had Armand Le Muet covering the central objective, so I decided to clear that first. I sent the Cheerkiller with Multispectral Visor up first, causing him a wound and thus removing his Mimetism -6. I then moved up the Gator, who took Armand out before retreating a little back into cover.

A Veteran Kazak (out of shot) opened fire with an AP Heavy Machine Gun, taking two wounds off the Gator.

My Morlock managed to throw down smoke in between the Kazak and the TAG, protecting it for this turn. But wait, was that an incoming bear?

... yup, that's a bear. It stomped on the Gator to make sure it was dead, too...

The Unknown Ranger took control of a Console...

While an Irmandinho took control of the central beacon.

I took out the Irmandinho and tried to use a Spektr to take the centre console, but while he was challenging to clear, he didn't stay around long.

At least Pi-Well and a Morlock should be plenty to control the console, right?

Ah, no, never mind... Smoke and a chasseur managed to stop me scoring it. The Cheerkiller swiftly disposed of the Chasseur, but it had done it's job denying me points...

And eventually, Pi-Well and the Morlock were dispatched for a Dynamo to grab the console to leave my Ariadnan opponent with a 5-4 win.

Overall, I really like B-Pong. Going second is certainly very strong in the mission, and I think this is probably one of those missions that needs a tailored list to deal with its unique challenges. Also, I over-extended my TAG and need to be more cautious with it...

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