Monday 16 October 2023

An outing to SELWG Show 2023

Sunday was the SELWG Show 2023. It's held in East London, and was about an hour's trip each way for me to get to. It has a Bring and Buy, that I took a bag full of stuff along to, and managed to clear out a few bits and pieces I wasn't using.

My main reason for attending the show was that I'd seen an announcement that there would be demos of Warcrow. This is the new fantasy wargame from Corvus Belli. I had a great demo game that I'll write more about later, but I'm now even more excited by the potential of it.

The focus of SELWG seems to be around historical gamers, both in terms of the demo games and sellers. There was a good bit of Games Workshop stuff, a few other big names (Warlord, a shop with Mantic, etc) and D&D bits and pieces too, but it was probably a little under half of what was there.

There were several impressive and fancy participation games. I've seen quite a lot of them at Salute before, but that's kind of fine from my point of view. Salute is a busy day - a smaller, quieter show is a good time to get more time to play some different games.

Participation games are not really my thing, but if you like them, there were plenty of options to try out at SELWG. I don't think it's a show I'd travel hugely far for, but as I'm in London and its in London, it's a good option for me.

I failed to get any photos of the traders, but there's two I would like to call out. Disain Studio does a bunch of 3D printed models, particularly animals and so on, so plenty of options for fantasy RPGs and wargames that use them. Meanwhile, Rok Minis do some nice small scale boxed sets that are a good self contained hobby project and game. It's also stuff that's suitable for smaller scale games - Epic, Battletech, Warmaster and so on...

My only big purchase at the show was an extra KR Multicase, which isn't very photogenic, so I guess this post ends here?

How do you end blog posts? I've never quite got the hang of it. I just run out of words.


  1. Great photos, I didn't make SELWG again this year, we went to Partizan instead, the week before. I will have to make it back there one day.

    1. I'm not sure if I'll go every year - there's a lot of smaller shows I want to try, so I may end up bouncing to different ones each year.