Monday 15 April 2024

A short Salute post

I went to Salute 51 at the Excel Centre on Saturday. It was a pirate themed event, and my friend Annie at Bad Squiddo Games had made the show miniature! I'm super impressed with how far Annie's come with her company, though apparently not impressed enough to take an in focus shot of the show miniature she had made...

Here's the Titan Owner's Club "Titan Walk", playing Adeptus Titanicus in 40K scale. I couldn't get an angle to actually get the whole board in! I didn't put the effort into getting a ton of photos this year, preferring to wander, look at what was about, and pick up a few bits and pieces without going wild.

This was a project to model the Italian town of Gradara in the Renaissance. This is a historical project that was sponsored by the EU and the town in question! They were also cross promoting a renaissance skirmish wargame called "Force of Virtue". It's also absolutely huge, and the photo doesn't do it justice.

That's all I've got on Salute this year. It was good fun but I was hard pressed to think of what to write about it beyond what I've said already about previous years. It remains something I'll attend any year it doesn't clash with Empire LRP.


  1. It was a grest show for sure, the Gradara town was a sight to behold!

    1. I've since found out that Oshiro Model Terrain built it. They did a really stellar job.