Monday 1 April 2024

March progress - A productive Easter Weekend

I spent a chunk of the long Easter weekend getting some painting done. I'd basically only done assembly this month and wanted to make sure I got something painted. So I blitzed through these two Imetrons for my Combined Army.

I'd assembled them without line of sight markers because it hadn't occurred to me that their line of sight would be relevant given they don't have any guns. Then I realised that they can still use the "Look Out!" ARO (and nothing else), so they needed line of sight markers. I eyeballed it to start off with, then bluetacced a base with line of sight markers on it to tidy it up. Turns out I was quite far out on this side!

I also finished up these two Oathmark Dwarfs from the leftover miniatures from January's D&D project. They're really nice, not too detailed sculpts that were nice and simple to paint. They're good additions to my generic fantasy RPG miniatures to provide NPCs when I need them.

So, I didn't quite manage to get the Bretonnians assembled this month, so they're still on the docket. There's also those two 3D printed miniatures from the Sheffield Satellite I haven't done yet, and the last two Frameworks miniatures that need assembling. Finishing the dwarfs was great, and getting a couple more half done things finished would really help.

I should do another "project" paint this month - I've got options between some supply boxes for Infinity, another Combined model, or hitting my Battletech lance. I'm not sure which I'll pick just yet - I'll probably make a decision on that on a whim when I sit down at the paint table.

Finally, it's Salute this month. I'll be there, but am keen not to end up adding too much stuff to the massive stash pile. I'll see if I spot any gems I can't resist...

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