Monday 22 April 2024

Westfalia Pride Knights

My quest to get bits and pieces I have lying around painted continues with this excellent set of Westfalia Pride Knights. They were a Kickstarter a while ago, but sadly don't seem to be available any more. These figures were based on costumes from a project by Archer Inventive.

I've had them painted up in the colours from the original photoshoot. The painting was done by the excellent Brushchewer Inc. These deserved an above tabletop level, and she's absolutely knocked it out of the park.

These will be excellent fighters and Paladins in D&D and Pathfinder. The rainbow paladin in particular will suit the Pathfinder goddess Shelyn. The good range of interesting weapons also means there's plenty of opportunity for interesting variations to a group of antagonist profiles.

There was a villain miniature also provided, I think also from the original photoshoot as a baddie. It's a definite spooky villain type who should be interesting to try and stat up for a fight.

There was also a tiny viking child miniature, which is a fun little additional sculpt to have for a group of playing kids in a village or something.

And finally, a freebie that came with them, a mysterious wandering paladin with a tiefling child. Which definitely isn't based on any popular science fiction properties in any way whatsoever. This one is less likely to have much use in RPGs as it would absolutely be a Bit.

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