Monday 8 April 2024

Books in, models out, and some news about the future

After my first game of 40K 10th edition went well, I noticed that the club was kicking off a new campaign based on the Pariah Nexus Crusade book. I decided it was worth signing up, and while I was grabbing the Pariah Nexus book, I decided to order the Tyrannic War Crusade book as well. I've had a little scan read of the Pariah Nexus book so far, and while there's a little bit of admin, it looks like Goonhammer have built a good app to handle all that stuff 

Much of this weekend was spent packing up my O-12, which I'd listed on eBay. With 50 lots sold, it's a good chunk of stuff out of the flat, but it was very time consuming to get it all gone!

The internet has been getting very excitable about the discontinuation of a significant number of Age of Sigmar models, including a good chunk of the Stormcast Sacrosanct Chamber, which is a good portion of my Stormcast. I've not played AoS yet, and given 4th edition is coming, I'm now planning on holding off until then. Having had some time to think about it, I'm pretty relaxed about the whole situation. Age of Sigmar isn't my main game, and I don't really know enough about what's staying and going to really know how it will affect me until the new edition releases, so I may as well wait until then.

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