Thursday 18 April 2024

Very Modest Salute Purchases

So, last weekend was Salute, and I tried to keep my shopping reasonably modest. We're trying to have a clear out, so it seems like a bad idea to buy loads of stuff without any intent on getting to paint it soon. Lets see how well I did at managing to keep it restrained... A couple of bigger items didn't fit in this photo, so lets cover them first.

First up is the Dungeons & Lasers Dwarven Mine . . . but in this case, it's pre-painted. I've not had time to dig into it just yet, but it looks incredibly promising and I'm stoked to dig into it further.

I picked up some area terrain from pretty much moments before the show closed. These were pretty cheap and should add to my area terrain for both RPGs and for Infinity.

Between two of these, there's plenty of area covered by two packets. That'd be plenty for a typical 4 x 4 game table alongside other more traditional terrain.

The company Debris of War had a good range of resin terrain, but I picked up a couple of sheets of transfers. I'm pondering adding some graffiti to my Nomad Remotes when I get them painted, and these would be great for that.

On the Infinity front I grabbed the new event exclusive Varangian Guard (plus a second for a friend, which is now winging its way to him). I also hadn't picked up the Helen of Troy limited model when she came out, and I thought another Infinity civilian wouldn't be the end of the world, so I got her two. The Varangian will be heading off to my commission painter for a White Company paint job, but Helen is one for me to paint.

Annie was kind enough to bring some of the Community Miniatures I'd backed down to the show so they didn't need posting. The Community Miniatures project is a Bad Squiddo side project to make historical figures who wouldn't otherwise get made. They get voted on going up for pre-order, then when enough people have pledged a fiver to them being made, they get sculpted and made.

Here's the other Bad Squiddo model - the show miniature! There's a sculpted scull and crossbones on the flag, and it should be a fun paint.

Anvil Industry also produced a 3D sculpted show model, which you could either download, or pay them for a print of. I decided to pick one up at the show as we don't have a 3D printer.

I got some orcs from Forgemaster Miniatures, too. This is another small company 3D printing miniatures, and these orcs looked like a useful set of models for Pathfinder, D&D and so on.

The company Warbases has a new range of minis, called Bifrost Miniatures. I've got a Gnoll wizard planned in Pathfinder, and while Gorrit here is marketed as an artificer, my character comes from the Mana Wastes, so can look a little technological. I'm hoping to get him painted up in time for the UK Game Expo when I'm hoping to get some games of Pathfinder in.

Some nice gentlemen were handing out free sprues of Wargames Atlantic "British Expeditionary Force". I'm thinking of assembling them as a Last War warband. Probably a good opportunity for an unusual paint scheme for otherwise historical miniatures.

A couple more 3D printed miniatures, this time from "Modular Worlds". I got a Leshy, which I'm a big fan of from Pathfinder, and a skink familiar holding a scroll in its tale which is perfect to add some flavour to a friendly NPC wizard.

Only Games was doing a promotional offer where they gave you a model if you signed up to their mailing list. This model is intended for One Page Rules, which I have enjoyed playing the sci-fi versions of.

And finally, the Gaming Vault was giving out little packets of freebies. They're a gaming shop that has a sideline in 3D printing bases.

The freebie packet included a sci fi base and some sweets. Not sure what I'll use the base for, but free is free!

I don't want to let this lot build up, so I'm planning to work through getting these assembled and painted pretty quickly so they all end up done and painted sooner rather than later. I'm not sure how quickly that will be, but I'll give it a shot.

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