Monday 27 May 2024

3D printed Sci-fi Civilians

I've finished up the last of the sci-fi civilians I picked up at last year's Sheffield Infinity Satellite event. They were given out to use as civilian "HVTs" for the Rescue mission. They're not the best paint jobs I've ever done, but they're OK, and I'm happy to be done with them.

While these were the last of my "Contrast Underpainting Experiment", All but the skin tones were painted with the Monument Hobbies "Rogue Hobbies Signature Set". It was fun to mix some of the lessons from the Roman Lappat painting course I went on with the underpainting technique from the Ninjon YouTube channel.

I'm still not super getting on with a wet palette though, and am tempted to go back to a traditional one. I end up not getting my paint consistency right a lot using the wet palette, and perhaps mixing on a dry board will mean I'm happier with my paint consistency...


  1. Both minis look great, I love the sculpts, and your choice of colours makes them stand out, I really find them interestinf :)

    1. Thanks! Really, I was just taking Louise's colour choices and running with them... The paint set is incredibly bright.