Monday 13 May 2024

White Company Expansion

I got another batch of White Company back from Tesseract Miniature Studios. First up is the Guija, the Yu Jing TAG that White Company has access to. It's a pretty standard TAG, with the advantage of Super Jump, to allow it to get some good firing angles.

I've not tried using the Guija with White Company yet. It's a little pricey, so using it would mean using less Heavy Infantry and other expensive pieces. It'll be interesting to see what compromises I need to make to make it work.

I've also got the Jujak box painted up. These Heavy Infantry pair with the ORC Troops to form fireteams. They have a slightly different profile to the ORCs, so you have a good opportunity to mix and match for the skill set you're after.

Finally, there's a few individual pieces. First there's the production model of John Hawkwood, the leader of White Company. I already have the limited figure of him painted up from Defiance. I've got two as White Company has a Holomask profile so I can deploy two "Hawkwoods". In the middle is a Beasthunter from TAG Raid. White Company can take two, and I also have an Ariadna Spec Ops I'm using for the other one. Finally, there's a Nokk Spitfire, who is a midfield piece who doesn't have Camouflage - its an aggressive attack piece that's quite fragile and needs supporting with other midfield pieces to prevent it being take out before it can attack. 

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