Friday 3 May 2024

Infinity Battle Report: Firefight: White Company vs Torchlight Brigade

As I was pottering about the Interwebs last month, my friend RattlerNXT from the US mentioned he was in the UK for a few days, and was looking for games. I originally challenged him to a game of Resilience Operations, but we didn't have two decks of cards needed, so decided instead to go for a game of Firefight.

I was running White Company, while RattlerNXT was running Torchlight (although with proxies as the models hadn't arrived before he left)...

I opened the game by dropping a Tiger Soldier down behind Torchlights lines and opening fire on the Silverstar Prime - but sadly wasn't able to get through the armour.

I managed to reveal one of the Moonraker "Forward Remotes" that are basically Regular robot Libertos miniatures. I used a Pitcher to get it into my hacking network and Immobilised it.

My ORC Feuerbach got a bit unlucky trying to clear a Beasthunter, and wasn't able to withdraw very far, so I left it out as an ARO piece instead. Sadly, against Torchlight firepower, he didn't last very long!

My total reaction remote was swiftly taken out...

And the Silverstar Prime was able to loot a Panoply on top of everything else!

The second Moonraker went after my Karhu, took him down, but got too close to my Repeater network, getting isolated... 

I was able to get my Lieutenant to take out the Moonraker to let my Kaplan Doctor get the Karhu up for a classified. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough orders to get the Lieutenant particularly well hidden, and a Nightshade was able to get behind them and take them out, leaving RattlerNXT with the win.

It was good to see RattlerNXT again after I first met him in Mallorca at the EIC tournament. Hopefully I'll manage to make it over to the US for a tournament over there at some point. In the meantime, if you're an Infinity player visiting the UK and are looking for a game, don't hesitate to get in touch, and I'll try and give you a game!

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