Monday 20 May 2024

Little jobs and repairs

My goal this month is to paint up this gnoll artificer from Bifrost Miniatures that I'm planning on using as a gnoll wizard in Pathfinder. On a whim, I decided to continue to use the MDF base he was supplied with rather than switching to the plastic bases I normally use.

I got him glued to his base and threw some Krautcover Common Earth (Dark) down to texture it. I've also finished assembling the last of the two Wizkids Frameworks adventurers I picked up in January. I'll get these all undercoated as soon as possible.

I'm going to send this Triphammer from TAG Raid off to Thunderbrush Studio shortly. Because it comes with an integrated base, I've done a little basing work to make it fit in with the rest of my NA2 forces.

I cut a chunk of a 3D printed base from Monstrous Makings and glued it onto the base in line with the base edge. I also added a small brass etch grate from Etchmaster to add a little more detail.

I've also done a whole bunch of repairs. Here's two Daturazi who'd lost their pony tails.

Now with their hair back to its full magnificent length, these can go back in their storage box for now. You can also see a Fast Panda and a Miranda Ashcroft who'd lost arms who got fixed without getting a before and after photo...

So, quite a few repairs done here - the Raicho TAG, the errant Daturazi pony tails, and an Oznat whose head had tried to make a break for it. I also assembled the Morat Vanguard Sniper who'd missed an assembly batch because of a missing arm. It was surprisingly easy to do, so I might look to assemble a few more Infinity figures myself in the future...

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