Thursday 9 May 2024

Infinity Battle Report: Firefight, Qapu Khalqi vs Imperial Service

At HATE the other week, we had a visitor over from the US. He hadn't managed to bring an army over, so some of the club members got together to loan him a list. They put him together an Imperial Service list with three Su-Jian. These are very powerful transforming robot minatures where you usually take one, or maybe two. Three is very very silly.

Meanwhile, knowing that our visitor hadn't played in a good while, and thinking through the painted factions I had lying around, I decided to break out the Qapu Khalqi. I'd been watching some Rob Shepherd videos where he talked about Qapu Khalqi and I wanted to play around with the list building a little bit.

Because Qapu Khalqi can run two Haris links and a Core link, I decided to run with that. The first Haris used an Azra'il as an attack piece, a Druze link because I wanted a linked Pitcher, and then a Ghulam link. I hid my Lieutenant by having a Hafza pretend to be a Druze E/M Grenade Launcher.

Wait, I think this list is wrong. I swapped out the Druze HMG for an Odalisque Spitfire to upgrade the Druze Killer Hacker to a Hacker... Can't work out where I put the final list, though...

We picked Firefight as a nice simple mission, so we needed to shoot up each other's models, and hunt down Lieutenants, and score three random Classified missions.

I started off by dropping a Yuan Yuan behind one of the three Su-Jian and used smoke to drop a big ol' Chain Rifle template over a few targets. In this case I made the mistake of catching a Kuang Shi in the blast, which meant it shot back blindly through the smoke and took out the Yuan Yuan before it could do more damage.

The Azra'il went to try and take out a Su-Jian that was out on ARO, but a couple of unlucky rolls and taking a couple of hits from Panzerfausts, it ended up unconscious, then Rouhani had to run over and heal it up.

I left my Druze / Odalisque link a little too far forward, and a Motorised Bounty Hunter Duo with a Su-Jian ran up and smushed most of the link with a Chain Colt.

One of the Su-Jian then catapulted forward and shot up the Hafza, but I was incredibly lucky and survived the attack. I then had to bring my Azra'il around and shot the Su-Jian down.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief at this point as the mission scores additional points for killing enemy Lieutenants...

Another Su-Jian made it up the table and managed to smush the Total Reaction remote, but in turn got shot down...

I was desperately throwing models forward to try and survive the Su-Jian. I managed to get Rouhani into base to base with it to score a Classified objective.

The Yu Jing WarCor ran forward to take something from the panoply to try and score some points for the mission.

My remaining Al Hawwa had scored a Sabotage mission, but hadn't been able to re-camouflage, so ended up getting picked off. However, it wasn't enough to swing the the scoring around and I managed to squeak the win...


  1. Though I still don't grasp everything, I enjoy reading these reports, thanks for sharing!

    1. It's a weird balance for me, splitting between talking about Infinity mechanics for the folk I know who play, and keeping it readable for folk who don't!