Tuesday 16 April 2013

How the week has been going

The Mayan is proceeding slowly, but I'm not happy with how he is at the moment, so no pictures of that.

I have gotten a little further with my test Dark Angel - not hugely far, but more than when you last saw him.

Oh, erm, surprise Mayan in the background. He's further along than that now.

Anyhow, I'm quite liking the base coat and dry brush on the power armour, but I don't feel the bolter is the right colour. I'm going to leave it be, though, and try painting other things to find the right combination to get the colour I'm after.

The Marine is also further along a little more than that now - he's had a bit of base coating of his eagle and the edging on his shoulder pads.

To distract me from the painful sadness of the Mayan, I have started tinkering with the Sarissa Warehouse I have from their infinity range.

I'd been planning on just assembling it out of the box when my darling wife asked if I was planning on offsetting the doors. I then realised I had to do that!

What do I mean by that?

Well, this is how the walls with doors in for the Sarissa warehouse come:

And they're all flat and flush with the wall. Most big doors are either recessed into the wall, or sticking out.

So, first I detached the doors. Watch out if you're doing this, because the little bits of connection left won't necessary snap where you want - I've had to repair a door as a result.

The tab above should be like the one below:
Its split horizontally so half is on the door and
half is not - but I've fixed this now...

I've then taken the offcuts from previous Sarissa buildings and use them to create something to glue the doors into their new position. These are now drying overnight before I add the next layer of offcuts to act as the actual surface to glue the doors to. More pictures will follow when there's more progress!

Never throw useful bits like this away!

What is the technical name for these bits?
Anyone know?

The progress so far

I am also drafting, off and on, some thoughts about Rogue Trader and 6th Edition. At some point I'll get them into what I think is a coherent format and publish them for other people to read. There's still a way to go so they aren't a random stream of consciousness...

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