Sunday 21 April 2013

Sa-lewt 2013: Return Of the Shopping

As promised, here is a post listing my purchases from this year's Salute, in a similar vein to last year's post.

I feel I should confess my "get things finished from last year's Salute" failed abysmally, and I didn't even finish the Mayan. Still, I intend to get him done eventually...

My blogging has come a long way since this time last year, so this time, you get pictures!

So, it being Salute, there was a free figure...

This year, it is Jason, as in "Jason and the Argonauts". It's a nice plastic cast with an alternative hand (holding a hydra head or a shield), and maybe this one will actually get painted in time for the competition next year.

I had pre-ordered Imperial Armour Volume One: Second Edition, so I could look at all the pretty pictures of the tanks.

I intend to do a bit of a review / ideas post when I've done more than scan read it. It is a weighty, pretty tome that I am spending a lot of time gazing at adoringly.

I also picked up some etched brass for some friends who are involved in a 40K LARP and who wanted some more symbols to convert their Nerf guns with.

Despite my incredibly slow painting speed, I am getting more confident, so I decided it was time for me to invest in my first Studio McVey piece. After a bit of umming and ahhing, Mike warned me that Ruby was starting to run low, so I decided to buy her. My darling wife had been trying to persuade me to get Zeeona, as I have a tendency to darker colours in my painting and I should do something out my comfort zone. I'm feeling reasonably out of my comfort zone with a cowgirl riding a dinosaur, but I do take her point about brighter colours - I should find something along those lines to try out...

It isn't as impressive as the finished model...
I hadn't been planning to get many more minatures, but I may have kind of slipped a little bit when chatting with the chap responsible for Arcworlde - who runs Warploque Miniatures. He is still at University, but is planning his first Kickstarter.

I picked up a little swamp critter of some kind and an elf war chief. They were good value for money, excellent and different sculpts, and I'm really interested to see how his rules beta testing goes.

Then, we hit the 'big' purchases... My main objective this weekend was to improve the stock and quality of my available terrain.

Given that I already have a painting backlog that stretches back years, I was heavily drawn to Tablescape. They do good quality, reasonably priced terrain that most importantly for me comes pre-painted. Money spent, and no additions to the backlog!

This stuff is ridiculously good value. The industrial stuff, shipping containers, crates and barricades all came to less than £100. Here's a top down shot so you can see how much of a footprint this stuff has.

The chap who makes this has also thought it through - all the terrain is done to either be at chest height for a 28mm figure, or much taller than them, to cut down on the potential for arguments. Well done, robust and affordable. I can't sing their praises enough.

Finally, with time ticking down, we headed over to Sarissa Precision to spend my remaining money. With a little bit of chatting, I picked up five buildings in total (and Sim saw one she had to have, also pictured).

I also put some money in the tin for Goblin Aid - which is something very close to my heart for a variety of reasons. I look forward to the goblins being finalised and made available, as I will be putting some serious money down when they are all done.

Anyway, this is enough of me wallowing in materialism! I'll leave you with a different angle of the awesome Tablescape scenery.


  1. Wow, the TableScape stuff is really nice. I had a look at the website, and it looks amazing and you are right, that is good value.
    Also, not often that one hears 'Cowgirl riding a dinosaur'.

  2. Nice haul, there was just so much stuff there took lots of discipline not to buy everything... I couldn't decide on what to get at studio mcVey but was cool to see someone who shaped my hobby youth!