Saturday 27 April 2013

Salute 2013: KR Multicase: Now Doing Furniture, Soon To Do Scenery

As long time readers of my blog and my friends will know, I'm a bit of a fan of KR Multicase. While their tray system can be a little difficult to get your head around, once you've worked it out, they're incredibly flexible.

So yet again, I find myself throwing out another internet blogging 'exclusive' for something that was on display at Salute but not many people seemed to be talking about. If I'd been a little more professional and clever, I'd have remembered to take some more photos - of their furniture range, and of the giant "KR" sign made out of their foam...

My wife bought one of these
As the blog title subtly hints, KR Multicase are now doing furniture. There were book cases which had deliberately been made with the dimensions of their cases in mind so they fit perfectly. Pictured above is a desk that folds out into a four by four gaming table. They also have larger gaming tables with storage cupboards underneath.

This stuff was all available to pre-order, and Sim happily picked up a new desk for her to work at that can turn into a nice little skirmish table. But you will notice that there are little peg holes in the table above - why are they there?

The answer is that what KR are going to be doing next is gaming boards and scenery.

Obligatory shot of KR staff with new
board carry case
The tables and the boards both have recesses in which allow simple pegs to be placed in them to keep the boards securely in place but still easy to pack away. Its cheap and simple, and my careful investigations showed that even the clumsiest of players is not going to catapult the table across the room.

I had an interesting little chat about why magnets don't work for the same purpose - they had looked into them, but their shear strength is terrible - and once it fails, it fails spectacularly as once the magnets are apart, everything is loose.

The KR scenery range is going to start off with modular terrain boards - I believe with simple or luxury options and a variety of different climates.

This is, I believe, one of the luxury ones
There's also going to be stuff like a lava board, but if you want a game without lava, you'll be able to get a piece of terrain that neatly fits over the lava so you don't have to have it that game.

They're also making terrain sets which will fit in with their carry case range in a clever and sensible manner. Here is an example of how a set of hills will work.

One hill...

Two hills...

Three hills!
 The final product, when it's done, will have foam to fit around all the terrain pieces for protection too. The rocks you see also fit cleverly around each other to go in a KR box. They've spent some time thinking through having all the different bits of their range work together. In theory, with one of their big carry cases and a couple of board carriers, you could take a full board, terrain and army on the train without it being horrifically painful.

I'm really looking forward to this stuff. I'm not sure what things I'll go for myself - there's way too many different manufacturers I love to rely solely on one source of terrain, even if it is convenient. Despite that, I really like what they've done with it, and am a bit excited to see the full range when it's done.

Isn't it pretty?

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