Monday 19 May 2014

Putting motivation theory into practice: I finished a model!

Well, after last week's waffling on about getting motivated and staying motivated, I really needed to put my money where my mouth is.

The Mk I Thunder Armour model is now complete and finished! My darling wife thinks I should do some edge highlighting to finish him off, but I am quite content with how he is. Hopefully, Tommie won't be too disappointed in me.

So the Mk I moves over to the "finished" column. I've undercoated the Commissar Lord so he moves over to the "Painting" column, and that leaves a slot in assembly. As the Lord Commissar will take a while to paint, and I still have a bunch of Beastmen to finish off, I picked a slightly bigger assembly job.

The job in question is an armoured Sentinel, which are much cheaper in the new Astra Militarum book. I wasn't sure if a Plasma Cannon or a Lascannon would be better, so I'm going to try magnetising it so I can try both out.

I have also picked up the most recent White Dwarf magazines and have been studying through them for every last detail of what's going on with the new rules set for 40K which will be out on Saturday. It will surprise no-one to learn I am mind-bendingly excited about this.

There is no point in jumping into rumour and speculation at this point - I'll have the book in my hands in under a week. From what I've seen from the official GW sources, there's a huge potential to tell stories which is a big part of what I love about the hobby.


  1. Hearty congrats on ticking something off!

    Out of iterest, I too am facing that exact same dilemma with my only (and so far unmentioned) aroured sentinel...although a part of me also wants to do some sort of weird-ass conversion work on it...

    1. It used to be that I would just take a Lascannon and be done with it - but I am planning on putting together a lot of Lascannon heavy weapon teams, at which point, the plasma would be a good alternative.