Saturday 10 May 2014

Salute Saturdays: Troublemaker Games

I already mentioned a little bit of Troublemaker Games in my original Salute coverage, but they had a lot on display!

Here, in amid the Timeline 300 Martians I already know and love, was some really nice . . . epic, in fact, plastic scenery sprues.

Here's one of them free standing on the table.

Something people will not have seen for a long time - 6mm plastic sci fi infantry and tanks.

It turns out that Troublemaker successfully crowd-funded their own 6mm wargame, "Defeat in Detail", which they are now producing.

There's an assortment of bits and pieces which they've done for a few different factions.

These are some infantry for a faction called the "Cybershadows".

It does seem that conveniently, a lot of the models could co-incidentally be used as a "counts as" faction for other popular, discontinued 6mm wargames, should someone have a mind to do so.

They've got a really excellent range of bits and pieces for this game done up, from the walkers to the planes.

The tanks have also been nicely thought out and have their own distinct look, despite their suitability to be used for other systems as well.

These ones, I think, are coming soon to a new crowd-funder. They looked pretty nice. Or are they part of the original campaign? I know not!

Some cannibalistic bikers.

I love this big chunky shuttle. Sadly, I don't have a use for it right now.

These could also be used quite nicely as combat robots in 28mm wargames as well.


  1. Lovin' the Not-Epic-Armageddon stuff. What scale were those scenery bits ?

  2. Also 6mm. You can see some in the background of the last shot