Saturday 24 May 2014

WARNING: SPIDERS - Salute Saturdays: Otherworld Miniatures

I've put a warning on today's post because some of the spider models that Otherworld produce were so realistic that they caused some of my group to refuse to approach their miniature cabinets. You have been warned.

Otherworld Miniatures seem to mostly specialise in figures for games like D&D. They have a really extensive range and looking at the products from companies like this actually makes me wish I was running a D&D campaign where I could use them!

I really love this "Water Weird" model, where they've used a clear resin to make a monster which is basically animated water.

An assortment of beasties, badly photographed.

I'm not sure what these are - but they made me think of Death World flora when I saw them - probably because a lot of early GW stuff was designed so you could reuse your D&D models for it.

Our spidery friends. I did warn you!

I really quite like the lizardmen here.

The dryad / water sprite models are nice, too.

The demon idol is a classic image, and those acolytes are really tempting, if I could think of a use for them.

I understand the dragons are new, but were on display at Salute.

Some undead. My party were encouraging me to hurry up and stop photographing by this point!


If you ever wondered where you could get a 28mm scale giant grab from for your games, here's your answer!

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