Saturday, 3 May 2014

Salute Saturdays: Assorted Displays and Games

There was so much going on at Salute that I'm going to be putting various photos I took at the event up on Saturdays to not cause a massive picture overload.

This was the awesome Steampunk airship-thingy flying over this board.

This was an awesome WW II board.

With an awesome plane flying over it.

Dark Sphere wanted to let everyone know that they've moved and now have much more space for gaming nights, so ran a game where a bunch of Orks had eaten the wrong type of mushroom and were now being attacked by giant Easter bunnies. They were disappointed to learn that "biggest stash of sugar" wasn't actually a category for boards this year, as they would have run away with that prize.

There was a Freebooters Fate demo game on this awesome pirate board.

Lots of little chaps from Ancient and Modern.

I'm not sure why I was taking photos of 15mm historicals, when I don't play historical or 15mm.

You'll remember this shot of Bandua's gorgeous train display board for Infinity from an earlier post.

I also absolutely love this stacking system for storage containers, letting you make lots of interesting cover shapes on a skirmish battlefield.

An absolutely massive WWII board. The scale is just breathtaking.

While here, a huge Battle for Pelennor Fields display was amazing due to the scale of the models.

I believe this was being played through the day, but you can see it was a massive labour of love.

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