Monday 26 May 2014

Sitting down and painting a model

Having resolved to do a bunch of painting over the Bank Holiday weekend, I found myself approaching Sunday lunchtime with only a little base coating done on my Commissar Lord, this month's target for the Hobby Progress Challenge.

So, I sat down, and I painted him. With a short break in the middle, I've just come out of four straight hours painting, and I don't regret it, am not feeling burnt out from the painting, and I have a painted figure.

Now, his base isn't painted, but that's because I need to leave the basing gloop I use to dry overnight, but he's scraped in under the deadline. Also, he's not just base coated and washed - the cloak had some proper hand blending done on it, and things like his medal ribbons were picked out properly.

I am pleasantly happy with my self right now. I'm going to potter back downstairs and try and get a little bit of work done on the Beastmen shortly. I should also sort dinner.

I have put the plastic Sentinel I was tinkering with away. Looking at the coming month, I am going to be ridiculously busy with non war-gaming related bits and pieces, so an ambitious painting challenge is . . . ill considered.

So, in the coming week, I'm going to pull out another character - probably a priest - and prep him up so I can get a quick, easy win. The wins are helpful, as they're helping me Get Stuff Done and feeling motivated. And that can't be a bad thing!


  1. Very nice looking model...especially for the short time spent!

    1. Thank you! As a Guard player, I really need to be able to knock out reasonable paint jobs quickly, so its a skill I've been developing.