Saturday 17 May 2014

Salute Saturdays: Taban

I do like Taban's post apocalyptic skirmish game Eden. I really do need to finish painting up my Jokers gang so I can play my darling wife.

I narrowly avoided a recent crowd funder they ran for a board game called "Escape". I managed to hold back because I haven't finished painting my existing gang.

There are just so many gorgeous miniatures they've done. They had trouble crowding them all into the space they had available!

I have a small group of the creepy evil clown faction. Because evil clowns.

They also have a load of weird post apocalyptic mutants, zombies and beasts.

Sim has the killer robot faction, called ISC.

These are, I think, a new faction of humans, recently escaped from their robot overlords.

And another newer faction - who I don't know the background to yet.

I want the creepy walking robot puppet theatre. I really, really want it. It took so much self control not to pick it up on the day!

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