Saturday 7 June 2014

Salute Saturdays: 4Ground

Here we find various bits and pieces by a scenery company called 4Ground.

4Ground are another one of these laser cutting terrain companies, but with a difference.

Their "unique selling point" is that they sell their buildings pre-painted, so you just have to assemble them.

They do a pretty massive range of different bits and pieces - from Shogunate Japan to Viking long halls.

Some of them are detailed inside and out.

The medieval houses weren't yet out at Salute, but were a preview.

When I do finally get around to starting up Warhammer Fantasy again, I suspect they will be somewhere in my shopping list.

They were also working on some different scale Pegasus Bridge models.

And some internal spaceship corridors.

As is, I understand, compulsory in the contract for buying a laser to make wargaming scenery, they make Wild West terrain as well.


  1. Their 15mm NW European buildings are AMAZINGLY good, but the pre-painted thing isn't quite as good as it seems, for three reasons:
    1) The colours - whilst very good - are fairly limited, pastell-y and a bit unimaginative;
    2) Who wouldn't want to paint up buildings themselves, right? (!) and
    3) - inportantly - they spray them BEFORE cutting them, so all the paint is scroched wherever there's a cut or a score. This is a real pity, when you think that it'd be pretty easy - surely - to spray them AFTER the cutting process.

    And you pay quite a premium for the painted versions, too.

    Still, they are gorgeous buildings indeed!

    1. It's never as good if you haven't done it yourself, but it's that balance of convenience over personalisation.