Monday 24 February 2020

A short update post EIC

This weekend I was away at the European Infinity Challenge, a satellite tournament held in Mallorca. It’s hosted in an all inclusive spa hotel which is super reasonably priced as it’s held in the off season.

It’s a five round tournament, with three games on the first day and two on the second. If you aren’t in the top half of the players after day 1, you don’t play that tournament on day 2, but can play in another small tournament with three games.

Like last year, I didn’t make the cut for the top half and played in the “low” tournament on day 2. I came away with two wins, two losses and two draws over the two days, and finished fifth out of twelve players in the low tournament. I’m really pleased with how I did and feel like I’m improving and putting on a stronger showing as I improve as a player.

More importantly, my games were amazing fun against a wide variety of players and lists. I made a bunch of new friends from across Europe and I hope to get to more events where I can play Infinity with them in future.

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