Thursday 27 February 2020

HATE Infinity League Game 1

Shortly before I went to EIC last week I had my first game in this year's HATE Infinity League. This year it's being run by Yashar, and its been decided not to run it as an ITS League to allow a bit more flexibility than the system would take.

First up was Capture and Protect, with the "Tactical Window" special rule in effect. I was up against one of the club regulars playing Combined Army.

I ended up getting first turn and, as I feared, was not allowed to deploy any reserves, meaning I was likely facing an Avatar.

It was indeed an Avatar, and set up with a commanding view of the battlefield.

I knew that my best chance was having my Intruder HMG shoot at it from under smoke.

... and on my second order, he took a critical hit and exploded. It then turned out the Avatar could see the back of my Kriza Boracs HMG, so I had it break for full cover, firing back as it went. The Avatar hit, I failed all three armour saves, the Kriza was permanently dead, and the first Combined turn hadn't even started.

It then turned out that my opponent had also bought a Sphinx as a second attacking piece, which proceeded to put a hole in my list.

The Avatar then ran down and picked up the box and retreated to it's own side, Sepsitorising an unfortunate Zero along the way.

I had my doctor use my three remaining orders to knock the Zero unconscious and run into base to base with it to score my classified.

This was a brutal and rather demoralising game. I needed to deal with the Avatar and instead ended up with implausibly bad luck (3.64% followed by 6.32%) taking out a third of my army in my own turn. After that it was really just mop up.

The thing is with Infinity is that sometimes the dice just aren't on your side, and as you play more games, eventually you'll get that one that's statistically unlikely in isolation! The only way from here is up...

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