Monday 17 February 2020

Hobby Progress: Prepping for EIC

With the European Infinity Challenge next weekend, I settled down this weekend to sort out all the models I'm taking. There were two real categories of work to be done on the models - making the base rims consistent over a few different commission painters, and tidying up paint chips so they look their best.

Off screen, I also fixed the magnets in my Antenociti's Workshop Order Organiser. (One day after it fell onto the "Shelf of Shame", so it's both been added and crossed off...)

With the base rims done, this was what was left that needed fixing. I also took the opportunity to glue my camouflage and smoke silhouettes together.

Currently, this is the stage the fixes are at. All the chips have been re-undercoated, then based black. What remains to be done is drybrushing Grey Seer and then Ceramite White, before I carefully blend the fluorescent blue and pink in to the surrounding areas. I've got ten models and three evenings to do it in, so its definitely achievable.

Also, last week, I managed to assemble a Malifaux Prospector in time for my last game of the Malifaux Slow Grow League.

I got two games in this week - my first HATE Infinity League against Combined Army, and the aforementioned last Malifaux Slow Grow League game. This was to "clear the decks" for this week so I could focus on the hobby prep for the EIC.

I also have a "token box" that I should really try and assemble, but we'll see if I manage to find the time or not. After EIC, life gets a teensy bit busy again. I'll have a weekend to recover before launching into two back to back weekends of LARPing. I do not think I will book myself into doing that again. It does not seem to be a smart move.

That said, I have a pretty busy blog schedule sketched out until the end of March. The aim is to get three posts a week up, which is going to take a bit of pre-writing and scheduling to get it all to land! The EIC is my last "Hobby deadline" of the year, and I am really looking forward to pausing, taking stock and then focusing on whichever project I fancy rather than committing in advance to a particular date for a particular project.

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